"Mediterranean comforts prepared with love to share in laughter"

Breakfast - Brunch

Start your day fresh while the sun rises over Livadi bay by choosing from our wide selection of breakfast and brunch options. A power bowl with a juice blend for an energetic start, one of our many egg specials, a homemade sandwich out of the wood oven or pancake and waffle creations. At Robinson we kickstart your day with love so you can enjoy it in laughter. In combination with the food we take pride in preparing coffee with the utmost care. Roasted by Coffee Republic we serve Cafeistas specialty coffee, a selection of biological-organic, single origin as well as rare micro lots from small coffee farmers around the world.

All day dining

Tested over the centuries the Mediterranean diet has proven to be one of the worlds most wholesome and satisfying ways of eating. Organic, local and with plenty of options it also nourishes in a way you can enjoy plenty and fuel energy to go further. Expect fresh from the market ingredients in original small plates, nourishing salads, original Pinsa Romana with many toppings, fresh pasta and platters with a fine selection of cheeses, charcuterie and fruits all served to share around the table.

The Pinsa Romana

What we can properly call “Modern Roman Pinsa” is a reinterpretation of an ancient Roman recipe invented during the Ancient Roman Empire, reworked with new ingredients and modern techniques. The original recipe comes from an ancient product made among the rural populations living just outside the walls of Rome, who used to cook a kind of “focacce” or “schiacciatine”, grinding cereals (millet, barley and spelt) and adding salt and herbs. The word Pinsa comes from the Latin word “Pinsere” that means to stretch, to spread. The traditional recipe has been revisited several times over the centuries, until nowadays. The maturation process for our Pinsa dough takes 48 hours resulting in a a uniquely flavoured crispy and light base for our Pinsa Romana.


Inspired by the tales of Robinson Crusoe our cocktail menu is a journey through the chapters of its novel. Every year our team of mixologists prepare a list of unique flavours predominantly using ingredients from our herb garden and well available on the Cyclades Islands. A wide variety of Greek wines, beers, liquors and refreshments complements the menu covering all desires.