true connection with the Island's heritage and creative souls

Mediterranean comforts come in many forms. At Robinson we focus on the craft of turning natural ingredients into delights, while the artisan products that come through our collaborations with the Island's creative souls complement the all day experience.

Within our venue, a variety of lifestyle and living products, such as furniture, chinaware and linen created locally can be found. Some of these products are available for purchase through the below brands.


THETA combines urban chic with the minimal lines of the Cyclades. During the restoration works we transformed the traditional boatyard that used to be there, into a functional, modern art space. We designed a wooden surface as the “focal point” of the store. Hanged by the hooks which used to secure the fishing boats, it seems to be … floating on air. On it we showcase a mix & match of collections made by our artists, jewellery, design objects, coffee table books etc.


KERAMEIO Shop showcases collections of ceramics created by Greek artists and traditional families of potters from the Aegean islands. There are also the ceramic collections of Natassa Kalogeropoulou (KN). During summer you will meet her in the KERAMEIO Workshop, where she also organizes the Play with Clay thematic seminars for adults and children.