“New wave mediterranean comforts prepared with love to share in laughter”


The name Robinson refers to the novel “Adventures of Robinson Crusoe”, written by Daniel Defoe and first published in 1719. The novel is presented as an autobiography of Robinson Crusoe who spends 8 and 20 years on an island after he shipwrecked in 1659 and is often credited as the first of realistic fiction as a literary genre and has gone on to become one of the most published books in history.

Fast forward to 21st century Serifos, an Island unknown to the wider audience and a place where travelers more often arrive by accident then actually mark it as their prime destination. The beauty is that whoever succeeds to discover the wild charm of the Island and is able to connect to the local rhythm will always come back to live the simple and adventurous life that is so refreshing in the days of our time.


As a multi spaced hospitality interpretation of the novel written by Daniel Defoe Robinson Serifos uses the core principles of discovery, pure living and adventure as guidelines that all can be found in a journey throughout the day.

In the morning, Robinson is the meeting point where you start your day with freshly grinded coffee, cold pressed juices, power bowls and a variety of homemade Mediterranean delights that can be enjoyed for breakfast and brunch. Unwind next to the sea or mingle in the early day energy of our ‘plateia’.

As the day moves on, the all-day dining menu centers around new wave comfort food options using the full range of the Mediterranean diet. Tested over the centuries, it’s proven to be one of the world’s most wholesome and satisfying ways of eating. Organic, locally sourced and presented to be shared with company. Expect fresh ingredients in original small plates, nourishing salads, homemade Pinsa, pastas and platters with fine selections of cheeses, charcuterie and fruits.

As the night falls at the cocktail bar is where adventure takes its form. With eclectic rhythms, surrounded by green and with an unparalleled view of the Serifos harbor and its Chora, this is where one sips signature beverages and dances till the sun comes up celebrating the free spirit of the Island.